Along with providing audio technology products, Audiodesigner also offers personalized solutions for audio installation and architectural acoustic treatment.

In addition, the team designs and implements technical interventions-installations in domestic and professional spaces in ways that deliver the utmost functional and elegant result.


Audiodesigner is supported by a group of experienced consultants who are readily available to not only answer any of your questions but also provide a step-by-step guidance on the selection of the most suitable audio equipment for Home Audio, Commercial Audio, Hotel Audio and Sound Proofing.


Home Audio

Everyone’s favorite place becomes a complete daily experience. Enjoy your favorite music or movie in top sound quality, wireless or wired. Check the volume, select the next topic from your mobile and “fill” any space of your home you want with quality sound.

Commercial Audio

When seeking audio reliability and performance in venues such as retail stores, offices, temples, sports stadiums, airports, hospitals, schools, industrial areas etc., Audiodesigner is the company that provides the best solution for you. A wide range of high quality products is available, including PA systems, background music systems as well as ceiling, floorstanding or hanging loudspeakers.


Hotel Audio

Listen to music without visually getting distracted. Make your hotel guests’ stay a positive, memorable experience by equipping rooms with speakers, which are fully harmonized with the architecture of the space. Our company offers hotel speakers, specially designed to combine ambient sounds with visual, minimalistic elegance.

Sound proofing

A quiet and neat working environment plays an important role in the successful operation as well as in the increased productivity of each company. In Audiodesigner we provide solutions to every problem. With knowledge, experience and the appropriate tools-products, we propose the most efficient audio enhancement equipment for workplaces, meeting rooms, schools, temples, recording studios or whichever venue an acoustic improvement is required.

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