Directed was established in 1995. We are an import and export company specializing in the supply of audio and security systems for cars, motorcycles and marine boats.



Our vast experience has established Directed as a leader in the field. We represent and work with companies which are globally recognized  for their superior quality, design, technology, innovation and supreme customer satisfaction.



With more than 15 companies and 800+ products available, our main goal is to exceed all the standards of customers who seek quality and reliability in the fields of automobiles, motorcycles and marine boats.



We provide audio and video products, telematics, control and security technology. GPS satellite tracking systems and any digital technology accessories you need.


We focus on cloud mobility-based solutions for your vehicle. Affordable and advanced alarm solutions, specially designed for motorcycles.



We offer a wide range of products including audio sources, amplifiers, players, AM / FM tuners and speakers. We have the ability to equip yachts around the world with quality systems.