Distributor of New Horizon

nn group celebrates the launch of the exclusive distribution of the New Horizon products in Greece.

New Horizon was founded at the end of 2016 with the aim of producing turntables and related accessories designed and built entirely in Italy with the quality, beauty and reliability that only the authentic Made in Italy is able to offer.

Our challenge is providing quality and beauty at an affordable price, always.

It’s not enough to exploit the best available technology, it’s not enough to aim for maximum performance, it’s not always necessary to innovate.
Passion is also needed: that inner fire that pushes you to get back into the game every time in search of something new, a new experience, a new journey.

The meaning of the research lies in the journey made and not in the goal; the purpose of traveling is to travel itself and not to arrive.

The absolutely insatiable passion, for music, for an experience of enjoyment of the musical event without compromise, which prompted us to develop a new product, not so much in the essence of the product itself, the turntable has practically always existed, as in the concept of usability of the same: a stunning musical experience, for everyone.