High fidelity music pairing with Soundpear & audiodesigner

High fidelity music pairing with audiodesigner & Soundpear, at Zak Contemporary Bistrot, Thessaloniki

An event that ended on the night of 11/1 where we all learned that every wine can have its own soundtrack.

High fidelity music pairing. A collaboration between Audiodesigner and Soundpear at Zak Contemporary Bistrot, in Thessaloniki.

We listened to original musical soundtracks created by Soundpear for labels of Kyr-Yiannis, Hatzivaritis and Dimopoulos Estates and a parallel wine tasting.

Soundpear is a newly founded company that aims to enrich taste and smell experiences through appropriate music and sound combinations (music pairing). The idea behind Soundpear emerged from Asteris Zacharakis’ long-term research into auditory perception and the extra-musical meaning conveyed by musical sounds and is based on recent research showing that what we smell or taste can be influenced by what we hear. The team is completed by the musician Vassilis Paras and the oenologist and musician Alexandra Baspanelou.

audiodesigner brought the music to life with a two-channel system, Transpuls 1500 speakers, the MA 900 integrated amplifier and the MMS 730 web streamer, everyhting by Magnat.

We would like to thank Soundpear and the wine estates: Kyr-Yiannis, Hatzivaritis and Dimopoulos for this special event.

According to hxosplus, who attended the event last night, it was a ‘multi-sensory’ unique experience where we had the opportunity to taste three excellent wines accompanied by soft music written exclusively for each of them.

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