Unveiling the Power of nn group: A Comprehensive Review by HXOS Plus

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NN Group: Thirty Years on the Front Line [Mission to Thessaloniki]

Thessaloniki is one of the most beautiful and lively cities in Greece, with a rich history and culture. It is a modern and cosmopolitan city that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation and hospitality with creativity.

Not unknown to the magazine, we previously organized the hxos eikona show in 2017 and 2018 in this city. Additionally, we often receive shipments for magazine testing that bear the label “NN Group” on their boxes.

This prompted our recent visit to Thessaloniki to uncover the identity behind this company. Thus, on a beautiful morning with an even more enchanting flight, we found ourselves at NN Group’s representative office in Greece. NN Group represents renowned manufacturers such as Magnat, Heco, Oehlbach, ArtSound, Audioengine, Kali Audio, Origin Acoustics, Hedd Audio, and many others. The list is truly extensive.

NN Group serves as the parent company, encompassing well-known brands like iCan, audiodesigner, Directed, Car Audio Nikou, and more. Situated in the Voulgari area of Thessaloniki, it is conveniently located at the city’s exit towards the airport.

The NN Group operates across several adjacent privately-owned buildings that serve as offices, storage areas for logistics, service centers, stores, showrooms, hi-fi listening spaces, home cinemas, car and boat systems, as well as custom installation systems for homes and business premises.

The NN Group truly embodies a technological hub that enriches this area of the city. From its expansive warehouses filled with thousands of products to its modern shop and exquisite listening areas, NN Group has made significant investments for the future and is preparing for its next steps.

However, what are buildings without people? The most delightful surprise during this mission was encountering the dynamic team of NN Group. With beaming smiles on their faces, they are always ready to assist, offer advice to prospective buyers, and provide information to ensure a safe and successful purchase.

These young individuals possess educational backgrounds, specialized expertise, an appetite for their work, and an evident passion for what they do. Bursting with energy, they propel NN Group forward, and their enthusiasm is reflected in their eyes. There is no comparable model in the Athenian audio market that can rival their dedication. NN Group, led by Mr. Nikos Nikou, has achieved something remarkable in Thessaloniki and, by extension, in the Greek market.

If I lived in Thessaloniki, I would be there every day.”

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