Acoustic Treatment for Home and Commercial Places

Architectural Acoustics

Each room/space has peculiarities in terms of its morphology, its building materials & the objects that are inside it. Glass, smooth walls and mirrors have very little to no absorption. In contrast, heavy pleated curtains, rugs, carpets and various other porous materials have a high absorbency. The acoustics of a space are improved by choosing to place the right materials and by acoustic treatment – control of sound reflections with absorption and diffusion materials on the wall and ceiling.

Audiodesigner company’s range of sound absorbing products are perfect for a huge variety of different applications, such as recording studios, home theatres, meeting rooms, listening rooms and sanctuaries. Adding our products to your room can make it much more suitable for audio work including music production, voiceover and podcasting. For commercial applications, our audio treatment system can make a huge difference to meeting rooms, conference halls or workspaces, helping to improve focus and sound quality when speaking and listening.