Smart Technology – Smart Telematics
Advanced GSM + GPRS and GPS + GLONASS technologies guarantee protection and safety. The simple and easy tracking on allows you to locate your vehicle with an accuracy of up to a few meters. Check your security system from anywhere in the world with StarLine Telematics.

Telematics is a feature of the new generation.

“Tele-” means the transfer of information over long distances. “Matiki” is taken from “informatics”.

So, we deal with the information, configurations and settings of car protection that we have from any part of the world!

  • VEHICLE LOCATION DETECTION – Track the speed and route of your vehicle from anywhere in the world.
  • ALARM ARMING AND DISARMING – Easily check the safety of your vehicle with a smartphone, control pager, tablet or computer.
  • REMOTE START – Smart remote engine starting will allow you to warm up your car in winter or cool it in summer without turning off the alarm system.
  • FREE MONITORING – Track your car’s location, save directions, view event log in your personal account on the free tracking media site .
  • VEHICLE SEARCH IN PARKING – Easily find your car in a huge parking lot by pressing button. Your car will respond with 2 headlights and beeps without disarming the alarm system.
  • HANDS-FREE MODE – You have an RF tag with you and the smart StarLine security system will “recognize” you and disarm the system when you approach a certain distance.
  • 2CAN+2LIN INTERFACES – The integration of the 2CAN + 2LIN interface ensures fast, easy and safe installation the equipment in modern cars containing CAN and LIN.
  • RADIO NOISE IMMUNITY – All StarLine systems are equipped with transceivers that use different communication channels to avoid the workload of the main radio channel
  • DIALOG CODE – StarLine systems protect vehicles with a dialog code with individual encryption keys.
  • EXTENDED TEMPERATURE RANGE – StarLine devices operate in all climatic conditions with temperatures ranging from -50 to +85 ° C.
  • RECORD-BREAKING ENERGY EFFICIENCY – Your car battery will be charged for up to 60 days with the armed StarLine system.
  • SUPER SLAVE – The StarLine system “obeys” your factory remote control.
  • A HIJACKER’S TRUE NIGHTMARE – The microphone, the StarLine M15 can be easily hidden both on the inside and outside of vehicles or motor boats.

Other Useful Functions, that Telematics provide to Starline protection system: