ArtSound KURV & KURV Bluetooth

ArtSound has been working every day for more than 25 years to develop audio products that fit every situation. ArtSound has the eye for detail and Belgian know-how. And you can hear it in the products, which always sound perfect, without distortion.

The Kurv BT is all about distinction through simplicity. The organic design houses the latest technology. The 5.25” driver with coaxial tweeter is housed in a water-repellent, sloping jacket. The Kurv BT speaker has two wireless functions: a bluetooth (BT) technology for wireless pairing with any mobile device. In addition, a built-in TWS function (True Wireless Function). This allows you to connect a second copy at the touch of a button. So you get a perfect spread to your terrace or pool without having to pump up the volume irritatingly high. The built-in Bluetooth technology and TWS (True Wireless) provide a wireless connection for fast listening pleasure.

Standing out with simplicity is what this Kurv speaker does too. Its acclaimed organic design houses the latest technology. The 5.25″ driver with coaxial tweeter is housed in a water-repellent, undulating jacket. You connect it to many an amplifier and bring it to life. For anyone who wants to pamper their eyee and eare with a true icon.

Water-resistant power

Thanks to its special 5.25″ driver, this speaker generates exceptionally warm vibrations outdoors. It can come out particularly powerful. The downfiring ensures a handsome dispersion in 360°.

For home and professional use

This speaker is flexible. You connect it to both a low-impedance and a 100V amplifier. With the latter, you can connect several copies to one amplifier.


The distributor of ArtSound products in Greece is Audiodesigner.