Kali Audio 2nd wave products

A step up in regards to audio quality and delivery.

Californian based Kali Audio have unveiled the newest version of their Independence IN-8 and the LP-6 and LP-8 “2nd Wave” studio monitors.

Kali Audio have announced the 2nd wave iteration of their IN-8 studio monitors. The 3-way speaker design has been tweaked to make less self noise, produce less distortion and comes with new lighter drivers. These improvements add to the already quality product which features a front firing bass port and flexible dip switch controls.

The Lone Pine Series: LP-6 and LP-8 2nd Wave get a similar makeover as the IN-8 2nd Wave. This includes a new amp module with significantly less noise, lighter membranes and updated EQ settings. After introducing the IN-8 2nd Wave last spring, Kali Audio has now turned its attention to the affordable LP series and announced the 2nd wave of LP-6 and LP-8 studio monitors. According to the Californian manufacturer, they spent three years improving upon the original design.

Like the IN-8, the 2nd wave LP series gets upgraded membranes, which use less material and are therefore lighter. Kali Audio says that this improves the speakers’ response time and transient reproduction. Last but not least, the cabinet structure has been redesigned for improved reliability.

Those are some really nice upgrades, which will make these Kali Audio series an even more attractive option in its price range. The significantly lower noise level alone is a big improvement over the previous generation.


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